During the spring we have been working hard to meet people who are interested in assigning the role of regional manager for SBA. This has resulted in two new team members! It’s our pleasure to present our latest members of the team!

Sukesh Tedla, Regional manager West

Sukesh is an ICT Engineer at Ericsson in Gothenburg. He’s very involved in both business and software development in regards to the technology and runs a small startup using blockchain technology in the social media space. At Swedish Blockchain he is the regional manager for Gothenburg and surrounding areas and the main contact person in this part of Sweden.


Tobias Dahlberg, Regional manager East

Tobias is the most recent team member, based in Stockholm. He’s a student at Stockholm University where he studies economics and IT. He’s a business developer at heart and works in his spare time on a blockchain project which will handle the tax process more transparently. His role at SBA is the regional manager and contact person for the eastern parts of Sweden, with Stockholm and surrounding areas.



We’re thrilled to have Sukesh and Tobias onboard, very welcome!

We’ve got lots of news coming during the spring, so stay tuned!

New members of the team


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