Blockchain North

Blockchain North could be a gateway to new ideas, businesses and a chance for the Northern of Sweden to make its mark as leading edge in the emerging world of Blockchain.

For the first time ever a Blockchain event, was held in the Northern parts of Sweden. Arranged by Boden Business Park together with LTU, Luleå University of technology which included a tour to the data center facility at Hydro 66. Speaker Martin Lundgren, MaPh D Student at LTU, kicked off the event talking about the very important question of what a Blockchain isn’t. How blockchain and the right to be forgotten (GDPR) are not compatible, what “no trust” really means and how blockchain is provoking discussions around decentralisation.

Blockchain and Gaming

From the gaming industry Marshall Long, founder of eBoost and Alaris, touched upon the subject about lack of developers and the fact that we need to get them excited about Blockchain. He also presented the Alaris project for game creators:

“Alaris will enable game developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized Blockchain applications by deploying their own sidechain linked to the Alaris network”

This gave the attendees a chance to get a taste of Blockchain in real life and see concrete applications besides cryptocurrencies.

Lack of women in Blockchain

Moderator Inger Edlund Pedersen raised the very important question “How can we get more women into the business”. Blockchain North had one scheduled female speaker that unfortunately could not attend. At last week’s Bloxpo event Isabella Löwengrip gave the suggestion of a women only event, something which was also discussed among the attendants at Blockchain North.

We look forward to see what road The future of Blockchain in the North will take. How the willingness to collaborate between companies, associations and organisation can lead joint efforts which pushes the development forward.

Visiting Blockchain North


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