Swedish Blockchain Association

Swedish Blockchain Association are working towards helping innovative corporations, organizations and enthusiasts in Sweden to use the blockchain technology in their businesses or to learn more about the technology.

We do this by clarifying the benefits and support the use of blockchain in both private and public sectors. We also want to make sure that our core issues are prioritized on the political agenda.

To move forward, we want to create a venue for individuals and organizations to share thoughts, knowledge and information about blockchain to help take Sweden into the future.

We have member corporations that are on top in their field, where new business ideas are born and jobs are created. By offering different services that creates value, such as education about the technology, a resume database and different events, we want to help businesses and organizations to move forward.

First day of Blockchain 360

Tobias Dahlberg and Andreas Johansson are moderating this years Blockchain 360, with speakers like Annie Lindmark and Noelle Acheson, CFA

Join us at Meetup!

Swedish Blockchain Association is now at Meetup! You can join our group at www.meetup.com/Swedish-Blockchain-Association

Opening Speech at Blockchain 360!

Our own Tobias Dahlberg is going to hold the opening speech at Blockchain360! Tobias is the Chief operating officer at Eos Sw/eden and has been interested in the blockchain technology since Almedalen 2017. If he could describe blockchain with three words, it would be freedom, transparency and security, something that shows through when he explains that everybody has something to gain from implementing the blockchain technology, no matter who or where you are.

Blockchain 360

Swedish Blockchain Association jump-starts the season with a new exiting partnership!

“Swedish Blockchain Association is teaming up with Blockchain 360 ° – Sweden’s first real news site about the blockchain – to monitor the Swedish and international blockchain scene.”

New SBA partner

We are happy to announce our new partnership with SCDI and the BlockchainLab! Together with this partnership, our goal is to Empower, Educate and Engage Blockchain technology in Sweden. SCDI is the Swedish Center for Digital innovation, and the initiative BlockchainLabs is an initiative to cater to the growing interest surrounding blockchain technology. Please visit www.scdi.se/blab to find out more!

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